Namaskar !

As in any undertaking, everything starts with a dream, becomes a burning passion, and then develops into clear vision. Such is the story of Shanti Ayurveda.

The moving force behind Shanti Ayurveda is Sona Roy. He was born at Sehara village of Barddhaman district, West Bengal, India into a family background of traditional healers and educators. Life in the rural neighborhood was simple and in harmony with nature. Home-served warm meals for family members were brought in straight from their own garden-fresh harvest. Treatment to common cough and colds, wound scratches, or even indigestion was taken from the backyard herbal garden and spices from the kitchen.

From his childhood age of eleven, Sona already had this great enthusiasm for Ayurveda lifestyle and the passion in practicing Yoga Meditation, as his great grandfather and grandfather were well-regarded doctors. From such genetic lineage and wanting to become an Ayurvedic doctor are reflective of his passion for holistic healing endeavors.

Ayurveda, which originated in India more than 5,000 years ago, is the oldest continuously practiced health care system in the world. Ayurvedic experience and word-of-mouth knowledge passes down through generations. The knowledge of Ayurveda permeates in household and influences the rhythm in daily life, what to eat during what season and the Ayurvedic remedies that are prescribed for common ailments. Hence, there is an alignment of Sona’s dream of putting up an Ayurveda Center that provides Ayurveda health care system integrated with livelihood and natural rhythm of life disciplines to end the suffering of common sicknesses, restore balance and improve the quality of life.

Sona believes that God had a given him a unique place to complete life in full circle. For example, in 1977, his higher discipline experience made him the lead as a volunteer missionary, traveling to Africa for social work. In 1991, he arrived in the Philippines and after a year was engaged in managing relief operations in Zambales with the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. Then in 1993, he put up the Eco-Village Resettlement project in Iba, Zambales for the victims of Mt. Pinatubo, which he credits for germinating the seed of his dream in establishing an Ayurveda Center for healing and an Ayurveda School for healthy lifestyle education.

Sona and his wife, Dr. Sharon Roy, established Shanti Ayurveda Center (Shanti means “peace” and Ayurveda means the “knowledge of life”) in 2013 as an avenue of bringing authentic Ayurveda from India to the Philippines.

Shanti Ayurveda envisions to build healthy and happy human beings for a healthy society in a natural environment of truth, love, compassion, peace, joy and freedom where people live long, healthy and happy. The Mission is to provide Ayurveda lifestyle education which is a simple, cost effective and practical Ayurveda self health care solution for the common people to stay healthy without medicine. The strategy is to teach individuals, families and communities Ayurveda way of living in every village, every home and every school throughout the world and integrate Ayurvedic philosophy, principles and practices with yoga, indigenous healing system and other holistic health care disciplines.

Today, awareness of Ayurveda is rapidly increasing and many people experience its benefits across the world. Its growing popularity stems from its being tried and tested, and now scientifically backed studies, such that western culture has embraced it in the same way as it had with Yoga, the ancient twin of Ayurveda.

Welcome to Shanti Ayurveda, which performs natural healing, restorative and rejuvenative Ayurveda based on the same traditional and authentic methods as practiced in India, the land of Ayurveda. Shanti Ayurveda is committed to guide you to holistic healing and Ayurveda way of living to reach your personal health in your daily life and well-being goals. Your journey of true transformation begins here !

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