I was born in a village in Eastern India. I lived there till I was 24 years old then moved to Africa in 1979 as a missionary worker. I worked for poverty alleviation program in Africa for 12 years. I witnessed the death of many children and families due to sickness, hunger and starvation. I was involved in relief operation in many African countries including Ethiopia which was considered as one of the worst famine in history. I moved to the Philippines in 1991. I lived more than 20 years in the rural area. I also saw poverty and helpless situation among the poor communities in the villages. I meditated deeply to find out a solution. I realized my mission is to teach ‘Ayurveda lifestyle’ to the children and families to alleviate poverty through out the world.


Shanti Ayurveda Institute is a center for transformation that envisions to build a better world in the service of humanity.
A world where people live in peace and harmony without poverty and sickness. Its mission is to empower people with Ayurveda lifestyle to ensure “your health is in your hands”. The strategy is to provide preventive healthcare, daily routine, livelihood skills and life experience that benefits humanity in all aspects of daily life. Our journey for health and happiness with Ayurveda begins here!


– Sona Roy