By: Joseph Pirkko Alcantara

Fighting Hypertension, One Glass of Water at a Time

Growing up, I was very athletic. I was always playing street games with my neighbours, and I had an affinity for running that I was always winning running races in kindergarten, and I eventually joined my school’s varsity football at eight (8) years old. I was playing football until I was twelve (12) years old, and switched to swimming at thirteen (13) to try something new. I fell in love with being in the water, that I was a competitive swimmer up until I graduated from college at twenty-one (21) years of age.

All those long hours of training helped develop my metabolism that I tend to sweat easily. As I started working, I never changed my eating habits despite my lack of exercise. I felt I grew so much, but I always thought that I can easily lose weight because of my false beliefs.

Reality struck me hard when in January of 2018, I experienced a hypertension attack. Prior to that, I was always told during physical check-ups that I was severely overweight and abnormally high blood pressure, but I shrugged it off because of my false belief that I can easily go back to normal. But that hypertension attack changed me for the better.

I tried exercising once in a while, but my uncontrollable appetite always got the better of me – so much so that I developed the habit of stress eating – and I will eat at even the slightest of stress. I was stressed of my situation, that I resorted to eating again, which was, admittedly, counterintuitive.

In March of 2018, I was very lucky to share a weekend with Mr. Sona Roy in Iba, Zambales. I told him sporadically of my situation, and he willingly shared a few simple elements of Ayurveda, one of which that struck me most was drinking room-temperature water upon waking up, and drinking room-temperature water to quench thirst. It stuck with me because it was very simple, and I did a slow integration of it in my lifestyle.

The important element of drinking water first thing in the morning, is to do it first, before anything else – and yes, even before brushing the teeth. It took a few months of making myself get used to it, but I really felt better digestion so I continued on with it. After all, it’s not troublesome at all.

This small step of helping my body feel better digestion laid the foundation for several developments in my physical wellbeing and lifestyle as well – I was feeling more determined to lose weight, leading me to commit working out; and my urge to stress eat was greatly reduced. That simple Ayurvedic recommendation has become part of my daily life that I don’t think about drinking room-temperature water first thing in the morning, and every time I drink, as a chore, but rather, a necessity.

It was one thing to feel better, but the true test came in February of 2019 – where I did the mandatory Annual Physical Examination. Admittedly, I was still nervous, but once I got word that my blood pressure was normal, I was ecstatic. A sad thing, however, is that I never bothered to remember my blood pressure readings before, as I was always being repeatedly told that I was pre-hypertensive, that I neglected all those warnings.

Today, I’m still working on losing weight, but the fact that I have normal blood pressure again is already a blessing on its own. As proof of this, my physical exam report is also included as reference.

My sincerest appreciation and deepest gratitude to Mr. Sona Roy of Shanti Ayurveda Philippines!

By: Dr. Romy Paredes MD

“Very informative, a lot of new things explored. I had fun learning with the other participants, especially during the ayurvedic cooking class. The speakers, Sona Roy and Dr Gibsy are very passionate in sharing their expertise on the subject. I will surely recommend this to anyone who is interested in a holistic way of living”

By: Joan Mea, Davao

I feel privileged to be part of the first class of Ayurveda Lifestyle Education Seminar in Cebu

By: Ellen Seniel Trazo, Davao

We had Ayurveda Lifestyle Education Seminar in Davao on April 21 & 22, 2018, this is worth attending!

By: Ayyi Gardiola, Davao

Ayurveda Lifestyle Education is priceless knowledge. Must spread far and wide!

By: Lost. – JayaIndra, Functional Movement Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor, Yoga Coach, Educator, Performance Artist

In my field being in the fitness world and a wellness advocate. It is by far one of the most eye opening Ayurveda lifestyle educational experience I have had so far. I highly recommend everyone learn this system as we go through with life. As we move along these pathways of life, we will encounter much challenges and if we are not equipped with the most essential and basic foundational experience, we will go back again and again..

By: Nico de la Rosa

Shanti Ayurveda Lifestyle Education Seminar was a learning experience to be treasured. The Speakers, Sona Roy and Dr. Gibsy were very learned and passionate with their field of expertise. Also, the staff and team who made the seminar possible were all very warm and always made sure to explain and walk you through the activities. The Ayurveda Home Remedies and Cooking Demo were fun and educational; something people can practice at home and all the food provided through-out the seminar was divine! Truly commendable and worth 5-stars.

By: Mary Ann Liza A. Farrugia

I was looking for a lifestyle change that would be responsive to my relentless fight against diseases of the 21st century. Wow ! The 2- day Ayurveda Lifestyle Education seminar was a bolt from the blue. I am a skeptic but you guys applied reason to validate facts by return of attributing it to the natural flow of life. I am convinced. Equally important, the seminar did not cost an arm and a leg. To more of these series… I would exceedingly attend.

By: Llana

I am very much grateful to have a chance understanding the principles in Ayurveda. I thank Shanti Institute of Ayurveda and the generous and kind speakers- Sona Roy and Dr. Gibsy   for imparting their knowledge. I learned a lot and I have already been enjoying the benefits of Ayurveda. I and my co-participants are recommending the seminar especially to people who are seeking for solutions to their health problems.

By: Don Viovicente, Medical Student, Ateneo University

We found our visit to Shanti Ayurveda to be very productive and we certainly learned a lot of information not only about Ayurveda but about health and nutrition in general. We are honored to have been allowed to observe the process and I hope to some day visit you again. Thank you once again Sir Roy!

By: Gurmukh Mirpuri

Morning Saliva Is Gold, It Is Medicine !

Your morning saliva is alkaline. For last 14 years i have been mostly bed ridden due to Hepatitis C Virus. In Aug 2014 the doctors gave me few months to live, if I don’t do the transplant of liver but only 50/50 chance of survival at a great cost of over 5 M pesos. In Mar 2015 I quit the medications and surrendered to God. For the first time in 14 years I was drug free but getting weaker, have lost 40 pounds and needed support to walk few steps. Zero Energy. Sona Roy from Shanti Ayurveda Philippines whose name appears above suggested me few Ayurvedic steps to improve my nagging issue of health. Anyway its free and easy.

The “morning saliva is gold” which few know, As you rise immediately sit on the edge of bed and sallow the saliva for 3-4 mins, In case your mouth is dry, swish with small sip of water. Than you do the morning chores, brushing…., after you are done, take a seat, drink a glass of water sip by sip mixing with saliva on empty stomach and recite your paryers or chant the mantras for at least 40 mins.. Than take 220 ml of coconut fresh water fresh. Wait for 30 mins,  have fruit with vegetable juice. Afternoon must have yogurt or butter milk. You are allowed to drink water 48 mins before meal and 1 hour after meal time. You will not believe after doing this Ayurveda therapy from Vagbhata Sutra I am walking without support, energized, feeling happy and great !  The morning saliva is alkaline. It is medicine ! It balances the acidity gathered in the stomach. All diseases are because of acidity. The coconut water is best for kidneys.

Don’t expect overnight results but you will feel the change. The doctors who gave me 4 months are surprised i beat their deadline by 16 months, Few friends of mine are feeling the same. Animals heal their wounds by licking. They live without food or water for days because you can see the saliva flowing from their mouth and they don’t have doctors…. Saliava is gold and most spit out not knowing the medicinal value …..Priceless. Trust me you will rid of the fatigue and many health complications.