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Recently, my eldest son has had problems sleeping leading to a racing mind. I have an aversion to pharmaceuticals. My resonance is with the natural approach. I have found that there are natural remedies that work just as fast and efficiently as chemicals, so why not follow natural treatments instead?

This health viewpoint led me to Ayurveda. There is an Ayurvedic clinic in Quezon City called Shanti Ayurveda. The unique feature of this clinic is an in-house Ayurvedic doctor from Kerala, India, Dr. Gibsy Sanjeevi George who has been practicing the tradition for generations. His mother was also into the healing modality. Backing the clinic are knowledgeable and experienced Ayurvedic doctors from India with whom consultations are done regularly as they plan out the cure for whatever ailment patients have.

My dictum on health is simple: “If it works, it works.”

Their system for addressing stress and sleep is a system called Takradhara, which is the continuous pouring of buttermilk infused with special herbs for one hour over the forehead and head.

What I noticed is that on the first day that my son underwent the treatment, he immediately went to sleep without taking any medication at all — and he stayed asleep for eight hours. This situation repeated itself the next day. Their suggested treatment is for three days. My son did four days.

Imagine this: Shanti buys three liters of fresh milk, then ferments it, puts in the herbs. (It’s an intricate process. They have to be informed a day ahead if you order the treatment because the milk spoils.)

I decided to try it myself. I set aside my Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My experience was of a cooling sensation, the moment the buttermilk was poured slowly on my forehead. This went on and on until I fell asleep. They then gave me a concoction prepared from Amla (Indian gooseberry) to wash the buttermilk from my hair.

When I got home I immediately went to sleep from 10 p.m. onwards and stayed asleep for eight hours. The next day I slept at 9 p.m. and woke up a little before 6 a.m.! That’s unheard of for me. I usually sleep at midnight or after, and get by with five or six hours of sleep at the most.

I have been working so hard with out-of-town trips. I probably needed the rest.

The experience “converted” me. I had Ayurvedic treatments years ago — the pouring of warm herbal oil on the forehead (Sirodhara), and Abhyanga massages — but this Takradhara treatment made me feel a significant difference.

Just recently, the team of Ayurvedic doctors recommended a seven-day treatment called Nasya for my son.

This is because the doctors found that he had plenty of mucous and phlegm that created blockages in his brain. That is why he would feel heaviness in the back of his head, affecting his sleep and giving him undue stress. The Shanti doctors’ confident assurance was that if my son did seven days of Nasya treatment, it would detoxify his brain, eliminate blockages resulting in a peaceful balance, thus allowing more flow of oxygen and prana or life energy.

According to them, Nasya therapy helps to heal all disorders of the brain, central nervous system and migraine. It also promotes mental clarity and happiness.

Roberto has had one session already and though he said it is physically uncomfortable, he likes it. It did clear his head. Well, he has six more days to go, so we’ll see.

When I was going for my last treatment on Sunday, I met an elderly lady, the principal of the Belmonte school in Quezon City. She was buying some health items. I chatted with her and found out the Ayurvedic treatments had cured her eczema. She had tried other natural treatments to no avail.

The detox treatment in Shanti was the one that made a difference to her condition.
Like I say: If it works, it works.

There is a warm, welcoming feel when entering Shanti despite being near a busy road. They also sometimes serve food. The feeling evoked is one of family. They even accept patients at night since the doctor lives on the second floor! He has committed three years of his life here to share the science behind Ayurveda.
Life is all about trying things and looking for better possibilities.

You may want to give them a visit at Shanti Ayurveda, 56 Xavierville Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City or call (02) 952-1845.