By: Pierre Valat

As a worker with difficulties to breath normally and inconveniences with thyroid, after serious injuries in my lungs,I didn’t expect that I could continue to live well with those difficulties. Seeking a way to get a better physical condition, I decided to try a more natural way instead to believe only by medicine tablets.

Finally, not so many ways with proofs other than Ayurveda, so let’s try.

After an attentive listening and many questions, Doctor Gibsy suggested a 10 days Panchakarma treatment.

After my 2nd day , I feel a real difference with my breathing and it improved every day. Breathing good is good life too, pain on my joints, knees and hips disappeared, my sleep became deep , no dyspnea anymore, when I climb stairs quickly, my breathing now is calm, deep and with strength flexibility is improved, I feel light and calm.

For sure a complete lifestyle following Ayurveda might change your life nature and knowledges brought by this life philosophy is the right answer at this time.

After 10 days treatment I feel so good. Thank you so much Doc Gibsy to share your knowledge with Ayurveda. You did a spotless therapy for me. I am in a hurry to go back to work and to start again exercise. Thanks so much to Ayurveda therapists so focused and kind.

Absolutely convinced by Ayurveda now that I did it. Warmly thanks Doctor Gibsy.

By: Rosell Quino & Christian Abenir

Greetings! Christian and I are both thankful for accommodating us in your humble clinic. The treatment that both of us had undertaken were unfamiliar but for a first timer we give it a thumbs up. We didn’t expect that coming to your clinic would give us something which we will cherish for a lifetime (considering that we just bumped in to your gate and read the LED signage unplanned) and out of curiosity we inquired. Hahaha >_

Thank you so much Dr. Gibsy for the consultations and for explaining to us how we can achieve wellness. The 2 therapists who handled us had bee so accommodating as well and Ate Arlene ( Christian’s Ilongga Kababayan) served as our expert foodie. Never thought I’d love Indian food. We will surely miss Ate Arlene’s cooking huhuhu…

The 14-day journey may have been short but the experiences we had been through will stay in our lives for a life time. For this we thank you so much and may our God bless you and the whole Shanti Ayurveda Family.

By: Lalleni Raj

Always believed in Ayurvedic principles for health well being. I am living in US, hard to find one near us. Was happy to find Shanti Center in Philippines ( who knew?) Pleased with the 14 day Panchakarma. Everyone connected the center- Mr. Sona, Dr. Gibsy, Ms. Sharon and entire staff were always totally supportive and helpful.

A great experience and can’t wait to practice all the Ayurvedic Principles learned here. Simple ones yet hard in our modern society.

Thank you Shanti.

Continue the good work!!!

By: Alexandra


I was glad to find a piece of India here. A full experience, human, healthy, spiritual….

Thank you very much and I encourage you to continue on this way. You made me miss India. All the smells, the treatment, the kindness… I wish you all the best and you belong now to my favorite healing place in Manila.

Be blessed all of you!

By: Jess

So glad to have taken the 2 weeks Panchakarma treatment here! It’s a blessing that I found out that theres an Ayurveda clinic in the Philippines now! Before coming here I had lesions of psoriasis and my body clock was a mess. I came here hoping to get my skin disorder and difficulty in sleeping treated. I couldn’t sleep good at night for months already and I feel so restless.

After the first day of treatment, I slept straight for 8 hours which is amazing!!!

I used to drink melatonin to help me sleep at night but now I don’t.Also the whole treatment made me feel good. It’s sort of a break from all the stress I’ve had for months!

During the treatment there’s a sense of clarity and realization about living in the present and it’s a reminder for me to never worry and not get stressed anymore.

Dr. Gibsy has been so helpful with all the reminders about worry, stress and food. Having an Ayurvedic diet for 2 weeks also helped me with eating more clean and in tune with my treatment! And best staff to all the ones that did my Panchakarma treatment!

By: Selina from Austria

Last year March, 2015, I did my semester abroad at the Philippines and there I discovered Shanti Ayurveda in Xavierville Avenue, Quezon City. From the beginning on everybody has been so welcoming and warmhearted and Shanti Ayurveda is such a wonderful calm and relaxing place in Manila. After some talk and a consultation by Dr. Gibsy, I decided to do a Panchakarma at the end of my stay. They optimized the treatment on my individual health problems.

I did for example Abhyanga, Nasya, Pinda Sweda, Shirodhara. I tried a lot of massages at the Philippines but there is no comparison with this kind of massages helping detoxifying your body. Two professional Ayurveda therapists do equal movements on each side of your body with warm oil, sometimes including herbs.

After the massage, I got delicious self cooked vegetarian food there, the best food I ever ate at the Philippines. I also tried a Yoga class, which was very relaxing. The Panchakarma was a great experience for me and had a lot of positive affects. It was interesting to learn how life style affects our body. I really like the holistic approach, which makes it special and different.

Thank you Sona and Sharon, Dr. Gibsy, all the great therapists and the amazing cook !

By: Kjel & Tuesday Aker from Norden, Norway

We’ve learned about Ayurveda from a very good friend in the church (AJ Laurente). She told us about the testimonies of other people who had been cured & got better because of the treatment. So we decided to give it a try instead of going to Tagaytay and have detox treatment there. We were told we needed a 10 Day treatment so we agreed with the doctor, Dr. Gibsy. On the second day of treatment my husband immediately felt the changes. He stopped snoring & his nostrils is more open now. He was complaining about it for years & I was suffering from it too since I have a problem with insomnia.

In my case, I finally fell asleep during the last treatment & I felt really good and happy about it! Finally, I can enjoy sleeping soundly! My back pain is gone too! What a relief on my part!

Now that we have finished all the treatment, we are excited & feel positive about having a baby in the near future with all the treatments and detox & medicines we have received!

Thank you very much for this experience!

By: Rupia Irek from Brazil

First time experience the Panchakarma and I couldn’t feel better. Each and every day I am amazed with the Ayurvedic medicine; trying to apply it even more in my way of living life. 14 days of treatment and this is the happiest I have been with myself.

Thank you Shanti for the opportunity and experiences too.

By: Dr. Shirley Takimoto, Japan

Shiro Abhyanga (Head and shoulder massages) : This is the very first treatment that I took in this center. I tried it because I had a headache from having been studying more than 9 hours a day for 3 weeks. In fact, I felt like vomiting at that time. So, I decided to try the head and shoulder massage. I was so surprised that I fell asleep soon after the treatment. Not only the skill of a massager, but also the staff’s care after the treatment was nice; I could not move instantly after the treatment so that the center let me took a rest for a while, it was amazing hospitality. I totally refreshed by this treatment, and experienced the best sleep at that night. I assure that the head and shoulder massage is effective in curing eyestrain for overwork.

Abhyanga: After head and shoulder massage, I decided to try Abhynga, because I was sure that Ayurvedic massage is more effective than I expected. Moreover, I was curious about some treatment with sesame oil, for me it was seemed to be very Indian therapy. Abhynga, which is a massage with two massagers with plenty of sesame oil, it was marvelous. I can’t express how amazing experience it was, after the treatment, I felt my body become lighter. And this feeling continued for a several days.

By: Christian Castaneda Pilot, Air Asia Philippines

To the Management and staff of Shanti Ayurveda,

First and foremost, I would like to commend each and everyone of you for a job well done. My results exceeded my expectations. I did a detox program which was well explained to me and the massages were very relaxing. I felt my body rejuvenated with the 7 day program I signed up for. If only I knew about Ayurveda long before, I would have done the detox program once or twice a year. The benefits of Ayurvedic medicine is endless. True healing of mind and body starts with the right attitude and correct lifestyle. Thanks to Shanti for opening my eyes to an organic way of healing.

Ayurveda enhances the belief that a healthy diet and regular exercise will truly work wonders for our body and mind. Ayurveda gives our body the organic way of self healing and preservation. I will recommend Shanti to all my relatives, friends and co airline workers that have very demanding schedules to give our bodies and minds the necessary time to relax and rejuvenate.

By: Cecar Villariba Jr. – Philippines Coconut Authority

Dear Shanti,

Ayurveda treatment is appropriate treatment as nature cure therapy. Very different from other modes of healing and rejuvenation. I wish other doctors specially those focusing in geriatric care and dermatology should have these methods of administering health care. Spa in the future will have these kinds of treatment.

Again I salute your clinic to sustain these types of health care and medical treatment. I will describe the mode of cure as ” feel good ” health care.

By: Eric Lopez Managing Partner Uniwell Technologies Corp.

Ayurveda medicine is really worth a try. Thanks to Dr. Gibsy and the rest of the team. My 7-day treatment is very successful. I can say that insomnia is gone. I am back now as a strong sleeper just like before. It is not just a treatment but the counseling helps me realize how blessed I am and that I can say relieves my anxiety and changes my thoughts towards life. I can see a good Christian and follower of God within you Dr. Gibsy.

Stay strong and more power to your clinic.

God bless you more !!!

By: Dilip Budhrani – President & CEO Vedmika Corporation

This is my first experience in Ayurveda massage/treatment. I came here for a knee condition, which has been bothering me for quite sometimes.

I must say that the treatment I am undergoing is the best I have experienced.

More power to Shanti.

God Bless !

By: Salve R. Pasco, Metro Manila, Philippines

Thank you so much Shanti AyurvedaTreatment Center for the care you gave me. My two weeks with you is a great experience. I feel better now… and yes, I am healed. I will surely miss the treatment and your kindness.

To my nurses/therapists, thank you guys for your healing touch and smile….thank you Doctor Gibsy, You are truly amazing doctor for explaining and clarifying all the possible options (the rules, the DOs and DON’Ts)….thank you Sir Sona for your “words of wisdom”, for the Indian food and most especially for the DISCOUNT. …to my former boss and colleague thank you for bringing and introducing Shanti Ayurveda in my life. Truly enough and i claim it, I am WELL now. My heartfelt gratitude to you all! Cheers to more healing years. God bless!!! :*

By: Thadea

Hello Dr. Gibsy,

Here is my testimonial regarding the 14 day treatment I had at your clinic:

“I was a patient at Shanti Ayurvedic Center for 14 days for psoriasis treatment. I’ve had this disease for almost 28 years and tried almost everything. I am losing hope, and that’s when I decided to try ayurveda as my last chance. I am so glad I tried it! My skin

is almost clear now. The medications/treatments were effective…………Thank you Dr. Gibsy and Sona!

By the way, the clinic has incredible staff!!

By: Gina Velonza

Dear Gibsy,

Thank you for bringing back my health. I feel comfortable after my first day because I know and trust you that all you wanted to do is to make us heal. You deserve to wear your Gown because you are a good person and a Doctor.

I feel totally good.


By: Mel del Rosario

Dear Gibsy,

Thank you for the treatment. Rashes almost gone—It’s very comforting to experience this wellness.

Your therapists are all awesome!

I will be back. Namaste.


By: Rachelle Granada

Discovering Shanti Ayurveda treatment is like a miracle from God because I ‘ve tried so many medical treatments regarding with my severe back pain but still it remains incurable.

I’m glad that my client, Fe Uson, (a Shanti Ayurveda patient too) recommended me to try this kind of treatment, and it’s worth it.

I will surely recommend this  and your treatment center to all my peers.

Thank you very much

By: Madell Manaig

Thank you so much for providing such wonderful service! I could tell that the staff  worked very wel as a team and ensured that I received a high quality care. I would definitely recommend your Ayurveda to everyone. Thank you for being so compassionate

By: Mikey Melendez

 I have just completed my 10-day Ayurvedic treatment. What started out as inquiry for a massage turned into a holistic treatment that includes various therapies as well as lifestyle improvement.

While there are still traces of the problem I have ( specially my allergic rhinitis), I feel that continuing the advice and medication will further improve my condition. I feel already a big change from the time I initially  came here. Also I am more mindful of possible causes of my sickness that are due to lifestyle.

I’m thankful for the experience and opportunity to undergo this process hoping for its success in spreading its impact!

By: Mauryan Sales

Dr. Gibsy and Shanti Ayurveda Staff!

I don’t know how to express my gratitude! I found home here! Thank you for the warm welcome! And made me believe that Ayurvedic medicine really works. From the diet, rest and meds that I take works fine for me! I never expected 14 days is over, and I felt the difference everyday.

May you heal more people and be an instrument of God!😀  Thank you very much! MORE BLESSINGS!

All the Best. Will share my experience with family and friends & will recommend you.

Let’s keep in touch!

I’m thankful for the experience and opportunity to undergo this process hoping for its success in spreading its impact!

By: May R. Cinco

Dear Dr. Gibsy,

We in the Philippines are fortunate to have you as Ayurveda Doctor. Your mom is right to encourage you to be one. Hmp…mother know best. And thank you that you have decided to be one. Thank you also for deciding to be here to introduce to us Ayurveda. Love also sharing your stories😃

I feel like a renewed woman during and moreover after the 14-day treatment. I mean the last day.

Take care of yourself (and of course your health) so you can continue sharing and taking care of others

By: May R. Cinco

Dear Dr. Gibsy,

We in the Philippines are fortunate to have you as Ayurveda Doctor. Your mom is right to encourage you to be one. Hmp…mother know best. And thank you that you have decided to be one. Thank you also for deciding to be here to introduce to us Ayurveda. Love also sharing your stories😃

I feel like a renewed woman during and moreover after the 14-day treatment. I mean the last day.

Take care of yourself (and of course your health) so you can continue sharing and taking care of others

By: Precious Bethany Padaen

Dear Dr Gibsy,

After how many years… I finally found a doctor who would really care for me! Thank God he made you as an instrument to heal me. After 2 years of visiting a lot of doctors, I always go home depressed since they don’t really cure what’s wrong inside my body. I’m not satisfied and we just wasted our money and time. Before I enter college I always prayed to God to please help me since I’m so down and my disease is killing me. This July I came to visit Manila for a  day only since there is like a US doctor that would get my testings. It’s the same thing I’m not satisfied and they won’t explain or give me medicine that would cure me.  Then we just met aunt Merilyn here in Manila  she told me to try this ancient Indian Medicine here in short Ayurveda.  I was l already in need of help so why not, I should give this a try. When I met you doc, you gave me hope that I will get cured. You are so kind, genuine, you had a concern and I can see you will do everything to help me. Of all the doctors I had visited you are the best of the best. Trust me during these treatment there were huge improvements unlike the doctors I saw none of it helps except this Shanti Ayurveda. I can’t express my gratitude doc . Thank you for everything! Thank God he finally answered my prayers too!

Continue helping people and may God shower you with many more blessings! You are the best doc! Hope to see you soon again. Thank you also to my therapists!

By: Larissa Oguisico

Dear Shnati Ayurveda,

My Ayurveda journey started very recently less than a year ago. Together with my meditation practice, it’s proven to be a life changing experience.

In a matter of a few months, I’ve learned to be aware of how my body process food and how my mind process feelings, events, images. For me, Ayurveda is about empowerment. It  allows you to make the best decisions for yourself by knowing how to live according to nature. Simple but yet so difficult in modern society.

I’m extremely glad I found Shanti Ayurveda clinic. After so many disappointing visits to doctors from modern medicine I was finally able to find one approach that does no look at particular clients or that might have a hidden agenda by selling expensive medicines. I was even lucky to learn that the clinic also provides  Ayurveda food. It was good on a daily basis . Aside from delicious it give me strength and energy. I can feel the care and love in its preparation.

Thank you for your beautiful work and I hope to  continue this journey together with Ayurveda clinic.

By: Maniam, Singapore

I know that Ayurveda is a rich therapy for chronic diseases and disability. I had a stroke and was suffering from pain and limping. I was invited by Dada Sona who just opened Shanti Ayurveda Center for holistic healthcare in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. I booked for Panchakarma treatment and indoor stay as well as my wife at Shanti Ayurveda Center from 11th Jan to 10th Feb 2014 . I was diagnosed by an experienced Ayurvedic doctor and was given a 28 day Panchakarma treatment with accommodation and Ayurvedic diet. After the treatment I felt very comfortable and was walking well. I feel at home at the center and I appreciate the services rendered. The center is not just a place for treatment but also for transformation of body, mind and spirit through holistic approach.

Thank you.

My love & blessings to Shanti Ayurveda.

By: Zaida Padullo

I am blessed to have found Shanti Ayurveda Center at the right time. With severe Eczema condition that was so inflamed weeping and itching day and night i thought there was no more end to my horrible condition. Prior to the treatment with shanti, i have already spent more than 300,000 pesos with different dermatologists, allopathic and homeopathic doctors but my condition just worsened. I was willing to try anything just to heal me. Even tried the local faith healers -until i found an Ayurveda Clinic on the internet.

3 hours of consultation to find out my ideal state of balance was one of a kind . It was a far cry to the 10 to 20 minutes of consultation with doctors who hastily write prescriptions on their pads. I discovered i was Pitta type and was recommended to undergo Panchakarma treatment for 14 days side by side with the treatment for my swollen legs.

It was the beginning of so many improvements in my health condition. After 3 Abhyanga massage, my back  and neck pain remarkably improved. With nasya my left sided clogged nose cleared up and so was my headache gone within 7 days. I was more relaxed and sleeping better. But my most unforgettable experience was the leech treatment. With five leeches burrowed on my swollen legs those slimy, wriggling spineless worms sucked toxins from my blood for about 45 minutes and came off on their own when engorged with blood.The gross-out factor overwhelmed me and became horrified when i saw small bleeding that needed to be covered with gauze. But right where the leeches bite, slither and slide was also where the inflammation subsided the most after 2 days. It was then that the oozing and whipping stopped and open sores dried up. After 14 days of Panchakarma treatment i felt a new surge of  energy. I had been renewed in body, mind and spirit.

I thank Dr. Gibsy for my healing. Indeed he is a true healer. He is a doctor who has a human touch and never count the hours to explain what he believed every patient should know. At the height of my pain and fears, he patiently answered my text messages to assure me that all was well with me and in due time, with God’s mercy, i shall be healed. The therapists were just as kind and friendly- they treated me like a queen despite my condition. To the owner, Mr and Mrs. Sona Roy , thanks a lot for reminding me of my treatment schedules and for the friendship that has been fostered. May God bless you and may you continue to be a blessing to this land !